Dutch Passion wins award Copa Medellin


1st prize for Dutch Passion in Sativa Category

Amsterdam, November 2019 – Dutch Passion has won the 1st prize with seed variety Desfrán in the Sativa Category at the Copa Medellin in Colombia. The Copa Medellin is one of Colombia’s best cannabis cup competitions. A Supreme Court Ruling from 2015 allows up to 20 plants to be cultivated per person, so cannabis is used freely throughout Colombia. The cannabis community in Colombia is one of South America’s most well-developed communities.

The Copa Medellin brings together some of Colombia’s most experienced growers who are well known for their growing skills. For professional cannabis seed companies, Copa Medellin is a chance to impress the judges and compare genetics against the best of the rest. In South America the competition is always hottest in the sativa category. Jouke Piepenbrink, Marketing Manager at Dutch Passion, was present at the ceremony: “The victory for Desfrán is particularly satisfying because the judges voted Desfrán ahead of some very fine competition.” The award-winning seed uses pure sativa ‘Destroyer’ genetics with very high THC levels and a delicious, anti-anxiety feel good high.

About Dutch Passion Seed Company

Dutch Passion Seed Company is an independent company with a rich history and more than thirty years’ experience in the cannabis industry. The family owned enterprise is a market leader, well-known for the outstanding quality of its products and prize-winning genetic innovations. Cannabis use is becoming increasingly accepted, both recreationally and as a medicine. More European countries, as well as Canada and various states in the US, have legalized the cultivation and sale of cannabis under certain conditions. Dutch Passion is a growing company with 25 full time employees in a network of inspired geneticists and experts in marketing, sales, operation and logistics. Dutch Passion has two offices in Amsterdam, one in Maastricht, representatives in various countries and an affiliated company in Barcelona.

See also www.dutch-passion.com.