Introducing: Dutch Passion’s “cannabis-light”

Cannabis-Light: now available in Italy

Amsterdam, February 17th 2020 – Since “cannabis-light” – cannabis and cannabis-derived products without the active component THC – can be legally sold in Italy, the demand for this popular product has increased enormously. Over the last few years, the cannabis sector experienced a rapid growth. Amsterdam-based company Dutch Passion – the first Dutch brand to sell cannabis-light in the EU – is therefore joining forces with a local agricultural company: Pharma Puglia. The partnership will allow Dutch Passion to supply the Italian market with “cannabis-light” that meets the high standards of Dutch quality.

Dutch Passion

Dutch Passion is the first renowned international company to set foot on the Italian cannabis ground. “The cannabis buds come in Dutch Passion branded smell-proof jars that are designed for an optimal preservation: they have whitened coating for protection against UV radiation and dehydration” says Dutch Passion CEO, Eric Siereveld. Dutch Passion’s ”cannabis-light” will become available in different varieties.

Partnership with Pharma Puglia

Among hectares of land planted with fruit and vineyards, Pharma Puglia cultivates the best qualities of “cannabis-light”. Pharma Puglia represents a return to a traditional cultivation that goes back over nine centuries and it is their goal is to produce the best qualities of “cannabis-light”. Dutch Passion supports them in the entire process, from seed to harvest, together with Pharma Puglia so that the Italian market is supplied by Dutch Passion with “cannabis-light” in accordance with both the Dutch Passion standard and Italian laws regulating the matter.

Dutch Passion at Canapa Mundi

The new product line of “cannabis-light” will be launched at the upcoming cannabis fair in Rome: the Canapa Mundi. As a gold sponsor, Dutch Passion will be hosting a booth right across the entrance. The Canapa Mundi is held at the Fiera di Roma on the 21st, 22nd and 23rd of February.

About Dutch Passion Seed Company

Dutch Passion Seed Company is an independent organization with a rich history and over thirty years of experience in the cannabis industry. The family owned company is a market leader, well-known for the outstanding quality of its products and prize-winning genetic innovations. Cannabis use is becoming increasingly accepted, both recreationally and as a medicine. Increasing numbers of European countries are legalizing the cultivation and sales of cannabis under certain conditions. Dutch Passion is a growing company with 25 full time employees in a network of inspired geneticists and experts in marketing, sales, operation and logistics. Dutch Passion has two offices in Amsterdam, one in Maastricht, representatives in various countries and an affiliated company in Barcelona.

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