Smoking a joint without getting high


Amsterdam, July 2019 – There’s decaf coffee, alcohol free beer and now also cannabis that does not make you high. From July 1st onwards, cannabis products fall under the tobacco law in Belgium, which is the first country in the European Union with this legislation. Therefore, Dutch Passion is proud to announce the introduction of her Cannabis Light Flowers to the European market. The cannabidiol (CBD) level of these flowers is usually between 10-13%, while the THC level (the psychoactive ingredient) is below 0.2%. With this extremely low THC percentage these products are compliant with the European regulations for hemp products. These high-quality CBD flowers look and taste like regular cannabis, but they won’t get people high due to the lack of THC. Dutch Passion flowers and other CBD products can now be ordered via the e-commerce platform

Upsides of cannabis use
Cannabis Light Flowers are rich in cannabidiol (CBD) which seems to be everywhere these days. Perfect for those who enjoy smoking a joint, but don’t want to get high. The discovery of legal constituents like CBD, has helped to normalize the use of cannabis light (no THC, high in CBD). The trend among younger generations towards natural and safe substances as an alternative to chemical medicine and alcohol is one factor in the growing acceptance of CBD cannabis products. Another factor is the belief in many of the upsides of cannabis use, like improved sleep and relaxation and countering anxiety and nausea, without inducing ‘highness’, or typical side effects of cannabis usage such as a craving for food, also known as ‘the munchies’.

A careful process

A careful hybridisation and selection process created Cannabis Light Flowers with low THC levels. The flowers are presented in specially designed glass jars, whitened for protection against UV radiation and dehydration, and equipped with child safety locks. CEO Eric Siereveld comments: “I am pleased that cannabis is no longer seen as a dangerous substance, but rather as a valuable product for the enjoyment and wellbeing of many people all over the world. We are committed to delivering a high-quality end product in accordance with our high standards to a global network of selected distributors.”

About Dutch Passion Seed Company

Dutch Passion Seed Company is an independent company with a rich history and more than thirty years’ experience in the cannabis industry. The family owned enterprise is a market leader, well-known for the outstanding quality of its products and prize-winning genetic innovations. Cannabis use is becoming increasingly accepted, both recreationally and as a medicine. More European countries have legalized the cultivation and sale of cannabis under certain productions. Dutch Passion is a growing company with 25 fulltime employees in a network of inspired geneticists and experts in marketing, sales, operation and logistics. Dutch Passion has two offices in Amsterdam, one in Maastricht, representatives in various countries and an affiliated company in Barcelona. See also