KIT Royal Tropical Institute, Amsterdam: despite iconic Marble Hall -CGR-approved for pharmaceutical events!

Amsterdam, October 2019 – A pharmaceutical event at the KIT Royal Tropical Institute? Hell yes! In the Netherlands and abroad, specific rules apply for pharmaceutical advertising. KIT is proud to announce that the Medicines Advertising Code Foundation (CGR) has now approved this royal location in Amsterdam for events organized by the pharmaceutical industry. The approval was motivated by the fact that KIT invests profits from such pharma related events in sustainability – and health care projects around the world. So, from now on, KIT is the venue of choice for medical, pharmaceutical and health related meetings!

Joost Mallo, account manager at KIT: ‘This is very good news for all parties involved, anywhere in the world. It means that the pharmaceutical industry can organize its events entirely in compliance with their policy rules at KIT, and that the industry is able to sponsor medical projects at our location. A clear win-win situation: the industry gains an A1 meeting venue and we receive extra support for our projects that improve living standards worldwide!’.

“Moreover”, Mallo adds, “KIT Royal Tropical Institute can provide interesting content for health conferences. Around 50 health professionals work at KIT, who are involved in research, advice and training for international companies, NGOs and governments. They realize innovative and practical solutions in the field of healthcare in low and middle-income countries”. For several health related conferences KIT has recently invited these experts to share their knowledge and experience with the audience. “It was highly appreciated, if we can go by the volume of the applause!”, he says grinning. “In addition there is the KIT Scholarship Fund, with which about forty talented professionals from low-income countries are able to make a positive contribution to local health care through a master’s program”.

About the Royal Tropical Institute

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