Dutch Passion's Auto Cinderella Jack


25% THC. Auto Cinderella Jack: the world’s most powerful autoflower strain

Amsterdam, March 16th, 2020. Dutch Passion, the Netherlands-based cannabis seed company, have announced the world’s most powerful and potent autoflowering cannabis strain with THC levels above 25%. Auto Cinderella Jack is incredibly potent, as well as being faster and simpler to grow than most other cannabis varieties. A breakthrough!

Dutch Passion. Fine quality cannabis seeds

Dutch Passion, the first company to create feminised cannabis seeds back in the 1990’s, has produced what they say is the world’s strongest autoflowering cannabis strain. “Recent tests on Auto Cinderella Jack have produced THC levels in excess of 25%” says Dutch Passion CEO, Eric Siereveld. “Dutch Passion have never seen any autoflower strain with higher THC levels” added Siereveld, who explained that the results were checked by two independent analytical laboratories.

Independent verification on 25% THC levels

Auto Cinderella Jack grows from seed to harvest in around 75 days. The full details of the recent extreme THC findings are on the Dutch Passion website. Keen to show maximum transparency, Dutch Passion have published the THC results from Sativa analysis here and THC results from Canna Fundacion are here.

Next generation autoflower seeds with extreme THC levels

Dutch Passion supply their cannabis cup winning strains to many licensed legal cannabis growers as well as many home growers. Not only is Auto Cinderella Jack the strongest autoflower strain ever seen by Dutch Passion, it is also stronger than many feminised photoperiod strains. Auto Cinderella Jack is regarded as simpler and faster to cultivate than many feminised photoperiod strains, yet delivers superior results.

About Dutch Passion Seed Company

Dutch Passion Seed Company is an independent organization with a rich history and over thirty years of experience in the cannabis industry. The family owned company is a market leader, well-known for the outstanding quality of its products and prize-winning genetic innovations. Cannabis use is becoming increasingly accepted, both recreationally and as a medicine. Increasing numbers of European countries are legalizing the cultivation and sales of cannabis under certain conditions. Dutch Passion is a growing company with 25 full time employees in a network of inspired geneticists and experts in marketing, sales, operation and logistics. Dutch Passion has two offices in Amsterdam, one in Maastricht, representatives in various countries and an affiliated company in Barcelona.

For more information visit www.dutch-passion.com