Tunga launches new e-learning platform for software developers in Africa

Amsterdam, 7th July 2020 – Worldwide, working remotely is the new normal. For Tunga, working remotely is business as usual. With a network of over 400 software developers in countries like Egypt, Nigeria and Uganda, the Dutch tech company offers high quality yet affordable software services. Determined to make a meaningful contribution to Africa and to create more opportunities for African developers, Tunga has now launched an e-learning platform. The Tunga Academy offers free online courses for African tech talent and is part of the company’s investment program for educational resources worth €450K, €200K of which was granted to Tunga under the German develoPPP program last October. Not only people that work with Tunga can access the courses, any (aspiring) African software developer is welcome to join.

First open e-learning platform focusing on Africa

At the moment the Tunga Academy – the first open e-learning platform for developers completely focusing on Africa – offers four technical courses and three soft skills courses, such as effective online communication and situation awareness. It is a beta version that will be updated following feedback from developers, making sure the courses are in line with the demand on the market. In addition, Tunga is launching a testing platform this summer to enable developers to test and improve their skills. The Tunga Academy supports the developer community to upskill and reskill, whilst navigating remote work on the African continent. In the coming months, the number of courses will be increased to at least 25 before the end of 2021.

Leading tech talent

Ernesto Spruyt, founder of Tunga, about the new e-learning platform: “Tunga works with the best talents available on the African market, but our aim is to invest in the entire talent pool. The launch of our e-learning platform, soon to be followed by our testing platform, is an important step in allowing African software developers to effectively improve their skills and assess where they stand. They can follow the courses, regardless of where they are in Africa, in their own time and at their own pace. And because being successful as a software developer is much more than just excelling technically, we also offer courses in soft skills. Our aim is to lead as much tech talent as possible to the opportunities available on the international job market. We can’t hire everyone, but we can share our knowledge!”

About Tunga

Tunga is a Dutch company with a network of over 400 African software developers spread across Uganda, Nigeria and Egypt. The platform, founded in 2015, is an initiative of social entrepreneur Ernesto Spruyt and the not-for-profit organisation Butterfly Works. Tunga meets the worldwide demand for software developers by offering local young African tech-talent. These technicians are smart, capable and professional but still have limited access to challenging, well-paid jobs. Tunga drives a change by supplying high quality software developed by African experts in a quick and affordable way and enables these experts to grow, be successful and take their spot in the international tech sector. See for more information tunga.io.