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Spont: from Take-away to Click & Collect

Amsterdam, February 11 th, 2021… From now on, retailers can get back to work selling articles according to the “Click & Collect” principle. This is of course nice if you already have a webshop, but there are enough (local) companies that have done without – so far. These therefore face a challenge; running a store and selling stuff is of course not a problem for retailers, but how are you going to arrange it digitally and financially? The Amsterdam fintech company Spont – known for its innovative POS systems for the hospitality industry – has come up with the solution. Take-away for the hospitality industry and Click & Collect for the retail are an extension of each other, it appears …


Cash register on the iPad

During the previous lockdown, Spont developed a special application for restaurants and cafes that started producing Take-away. Spont can be used to pay immediately in advance when placing the order. Exactly what is now the intention in retail where with “Click & Collect” items are ordered online, paid for and then collected from the retailer at an agreed time. The POS system can be used via a normal iPad; the retailer opens a Spont account, adds his products and places a widget on his website, all without you having to have knowledge of coding. Spont then arranges in collaboration with Pay. that all payments are handled properly and the retailer knows when which products will be collected.


About Spont

Spont is an all-in POS system for the hospitality industry (and now also for retail) that can be installed effortlessly on any iPad. It is suitable for reservations, orders (also with QR code), mobile payments and sending text messages when an order is ready, for example. Spont is easy to link to all common administration systems, easy to use, quick to implement and very affordable with a fixed transaction fee. In short: it is a modern, reliable and user-friendly system. Spont is Dutch, founded in 2015 by brothers Sjoerd and Flip van den Bosch and is used by catering and hospitality companies in the Netherlands and Belgium. For more information, see also