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A few years ago, I read an article by Jurriaan Kamp about beautiful and innovative initiatives. They did exist, but were not successful, because hardly anybody knew about them. He was quoting Gunter Pauli, author of the book The Blue Economy, that I met later at a book launch.

After that meeting I followed about 75 meetings, workshops and seminars. Circle Economy congresses, Green Deal presentations, Nudge days – you name it, I did it. With one big common denominator: sustainability. Pauli was absolutely right about innovative initiatives needing to improve their communication. That is why I founded Fair Focus.

Fair Focus has the ambition to help SMEs and scale-ups to convey their message effectively. So they can find great leads and new investors. So beautiful and innovative ideas do get the attention they deserve. The love they need. We work B2B, but with full focus on attention. From person to person.

Annelies Putman Cramer,

Founding Partner at Fair Focus

MISSion and vision

With our experience, expertise and enthusiasm we help innovative SMEs and scale-ups to gain content and attention. We are in the field of PR and marketing communication and focus on B2B businesses. Because entrepreneurs in the Tech, Health, Med and Service industry often have something other than PR and MarCom on their minds, we help them with this. We support them in their quest for growth and success and we do this in a personal, proactive and positive way. We are happy to do so and are good at it.

AAt Fair Focus, we are committed to making groundbreaking ideas and innovative initiatives a success. We are confident that today’s developments will determine the future. That’s why we like to work – with our expertise in the field of PR and marketing communications – for innovative organizations that focus on one or more SDGs in their business operations. Because they lay the foundation for a positive future, we are happy to help them take it a step further. So they can solely focus on what they do best – like we do.

meet the team!

Annelies Putman Cramer, Partner
Annelies Putman Cramer, Partner
She grew up in Bussum, studied in Paris and Maastricht and gained her communication wisdom in Amsterdam. Successful in PR and marketing for 25 years. Annelies directs the Fair Focus projects with passion, performance and creativity.
Jos Hummelen
Jos HummelenJournalist & Fotograaf
Jos is a creative writer and passionate corporate photographer. He has eye for detail and once he goes, he can not be stopped.
Jan Heemskerk,
Jan Heemskerk,Copywriter
Journalist, columnist and former editor in chief of Playboy magazine, author of several books and – more recently – press releases. Interviewer. Advising and brainstorming, he brings his creative ideas to the table at Fair Focus.
Karin Rus,
Karin Rus,Copywriter
Brochure, press release or radio interview: Karin always knows to find the right words. She is a master in transforming even the most technical topic into an appealing, convincing and enticing text. Timeless, understandable and always a joy to read.
Petra ter Doest,
Petra ter Doest,Journalist
Petra is a journalist by nature, having worked for news magazine Elsevier for over a decade. Print publishing used to be her craft, now she gives workshops to teach people how to publish about their company or themselves.
Nikola Fin,
Nikola Fin,Visual Designer
With a background in media editing, Nikola is creatively involved in any video production for our clients. From design to visuals and presentations. Positive and proactive are the keywords for this valued colleague!
Fusina Verloop,
Fusina Verloop,Content creator & Connector
Fusina is very enterprising; for 10 years she was the devoted initiator of cookbooks promotion in the Netherlands and Belgium. For Fair Focus, she creates content for social media, connects press contacts and links relevant parties to one another for mutual benefits.
Daan Putman Cramer,
Daan Putman Cramer,Business Consultant
Daan worked as a business consultant at KLM for 10 years. After that he worked as an advisor on the crossing between business and ICT. Since 1995 he has worked as an independent consultant in the field of strategic planning, innovation and change. With everlasting creative solutions in his toolbox, he is committed to the succes of our clients!


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Ready to Scale is a unique growth program for companies with the ambition to expand. It was designed by ACE, The Startup Network and KplusV, working together with entrepreneurs, investors and Amsterdam Universities to stimulate scale-ups to grow. Fair Focus is one of these partners. We love brainstorming about pressing PR- and communication issues in order to help companies grow!

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