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    Frequently Asked Questions

    We work with a subscription or on a project basis. Together, we discuss what best suits your company’s wishes and needs.

    • Investing in building a good media network takes time. Media contacts need to get to know your information, product and message before they publish about it. That’s why we work with subscriptions with a minimum duration of 6 months. You can choose between PR BASIC, PR PLUS or PR COMPLETE.
    • When working on a project basis, we work with individual rates per service we provide, such as drawing up a one-off press release or content calendar.
    We work with three subscriptions; they differ in the size of PR campaigns and the number of marketing communication activities we perform for you. Depending on your needs, you can choose PR BASIC, PR PLUS or PR COMPLEET. We always enter into a partnership with a minimum duration of 6 months. Want to know more? Request our price list through the contact form.

    It is also possible to choose a customized subscription. Based on your wishes and needs, we will make you an offer that suits you best.

    Communication costs are charged when we send out a press release. With our subscriptions, the costs are already included in the price. Except if your media target group is larger than 500 addresses. In case of a separate purchase of a press release, we charge € 0.20 per address.

    PR stands for Public Relations. By using PR, relationships are established and maintained with various public groups. You create a positive brand image and goodwill through the media. A PR agency takes care of the good relations with various media editors, so journalists publish articles about your brand or company. At Fair Focus we make sure your message, product or service is brought to the attention of the media in a positive way.

    In marketing, a product or service is promoted directly to the (potential) customer, with sales as the primary goal. When it comes to PR, the focus is more towards the relationship with customers and other audiences. It is not directly the aim to sell something, although marketing PR can strongly support other marketing activities in generating leads.

    By means of a PR campaign the brand awareness is increased, which results in a positive change of attitude and knowledge among the target group. In marketing, the result of a campaign can be measured directly. With PR this is less easy, because success often only becomes visible in the long term. It takes time to build a relationship and perception. That is why there is not always an immediate measurable result with a PR campaign. While with marketing the message to the recipient is ‘pushed’ (push strategy), PR pulls the customer towards you (pull strategy).

    Companies often focus more on marketing, rather than PR. Although it is very important for companies that want to grow! A PR agency provides great added value; by running a strategic PR campaign towards a relevant network of media contacts, they arrange free publicity. They know exactly how to approach and edit journalists. The resulting publications, interviews and articles increase the company’s brand awareness and credibility.

    You can trust your PR completely to us, so you can focus on what you’re good at: your core business. Then so will we!

    We are keen to make innovative ideas and groundbreaking initiatives a success. Because busy entrepreneurs in the Tech, Health, Med and Service industry usually have something else on their minds than PR and marketing communication, we have set ourselves the goal to support them in doing so. We believe that they set the foundation for a positive future and we are happy to help them take it one step further. So they can focus on what they are good at. And so are we.

    Fair Focus is specialized in serving companies with a B2B focus in the field of tech, med- and IT. We have a lot of experience with scale-ups and SMEs within these markets; we know how a PR campaign can contribute to the achievement of your goals. Are you also looking for a partner who can help you enter the international market? We have a global media database with which we can ensure media attention abroad. Wherever. Whenever.

    With our experience, expertise and enthusiasm we help innovative SMEs and scale-ups to gain content and attention. We are in the field of PR and marketing communication and focus on B2B businesses. Because entrepreneurs in the Tech, Health, Med and Service industry often have something other than PR and MarCom on their minds, we help them with this. We support them in their quest for growth and success and we do this in a personal, proactive and positive way.

    We are happy to do so and are good at it.

    At Fair Focus, we are committed to making groundbreaking ideas and innovative initiatives a success. We are confident that today’s developments will determine the future. That’s why we like to work – with our expertise in the field of PR and marketing communications – for innovative organizations that focus on one or more SDGs in their business operations. Because they lay the foundation for a positive future, we are happy to help them take it a step further.

    So they can solely focus on what they do best – like we do.

    We are there for SMEs and scale-ups that want to grow. Whether you are looking for investors, new customers, want to attract employees or generate more brand awareness; PR en communication are indispensable tools. Fair Focus supports by defining and carrying out a PR strategy that is connected to the broader goals set.

    By means of PR and communication, we create content and exposure in relevant media outlets, so your message reaches the target group. We specialize in B2B media, have a large network and are always there for you. We are creative and have a sharp narration. And we use that to get your story out into the world.

    We are committed to our customers because success for them also means success for us.

    At Fair Focus we are led by the following values:

    • Personal approach
    • Positive mindset
    • Proactive: always a step ahead of you