The problem LinkPizza encountered was the sheer amount of advertisers websites could link to, being a user-generated content website. We realized a lot of publishers struggle with this problem as well. We decided to spin-off this solution into LinkPizza, to help publishers and advertisers within Europe to generate more revenue in a simple and intuitive way. Currently, LinkPizza is the biggest link replacement platform in Europe.

LinkPizza connects advertisers with their 3600+ influencers and their reach of millions of people. The platform makes the collaboration between advertisers and influences easy and efficient.

We are helping them with PR and more exposure to their influencers within the marketing media.

Press releases

A few examples of the press releases we have distributed for LinkPizza

  • LinkPizza verovert tweede plaats Emerce100 categorie ‘influencer marketing bureaus’


A few examples of publications we have achieved for LinkPizza