Tunga is a Dutch company with a network of over 400 African software developers spread over Uganda, Nigeria and Egypt. The platform, founded in 2015, is an initiative of social entrepreneur Ernesto Spruyt and the not-for-profit organization Butterfly Works. Tunga meets the worldwide demand for software developers by offering local young African tech-talent. These technicians are smart, capable and professional but still have limited access to challenging, well-paid jobs. Tunga drives a change here by supplying high quality software developed by African experts in a quick and affordable manner and enable these experts to grow, be successful and take their spot in the international tech sector.


A few examples of publications we have achieved for Tunga


“We hebben talloze publicaties gekregen in allerlei Nederlandse media, van de dagbladen tot vaktijdschriften tot ondernemersplatforms. Ook hebben we een aantal internationale publicaties voor elkaar gekregen. Al sparrend komen we samen altijd tot goede campagnes. Ik ben er heel blij mee.”

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Ernesto Spruyt, CEO Tunga