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Why do so little scale-ups and SMEs use PR? Maybe they don’t see the opportunities when they arise. Maybe they don’t have the knowledge or experience. Maybe they just don’t have the time.

Let us help you out, because good publicity leads to good things:

  • more leads
  • more investors
  • more phone calls
  • more attention!

What is PR about?

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Not you yourself, but journalists and media are telling your story, making the message more credible.

We make complex topics understandable; Fair Focus translates your technical news to clear, attractive (press) messages.

PR is a cost-efficient way to bring your message across to a big audience within your target group. With our international database, we generate impeccable media selections. In the Netherlands and (far) beyond. In line with your target group. In sync with your message.

That’s how Fair Focus gets its scale-ups and SMEs the exposure they deserve. (And with our monthly subscription we even guarantee ongoing media attention.)


Fair Focus works for scale-ups and SMEs that do not have a communication manager, but do want to communicate to their B2B target groups. We serve as an external communication brigade, creating the most commercial and effective strategy to get your message across to your target audience. And them in touch with you.

What about marketing communication?

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Based on your goals and target groups, we determine strategy, implementation and tools for the most effective result. 

Effective communication tools include:

  • influencer campaigns
  • advertising on social media
  • high-profile events
  • newspapers
  • direct mail promotions
  • videos
  • trade shows

With our knowledge and network, we find the way to get your information, product and message to the right person at the right time.


How great would it be if someone would generate leads for you? Open doors to new networks of journalists, business relations, prospects… But how to find someone like that? Easy: get in touch with us!

Together, we define your PR-goals. Do you want to attract investors or new business? Maybe you are looking to recruit talent for your own team, or you want to grow your network. In any case – we set up a communication strategy in support of your goals. We detect what message(s) should be send to which audience(s) and which media and channels are best be used to reach them.

This always starts with a press release. It specifies the who, what, where, when, why and how. It’s the starting point for creating content and generating exposure.

Our communication strategies are based on the PESO model. It shows what channels we use to get your content to your target groups in the most effective way.


Paid, Earned, Shared, Owned model


For example:

  • EARNED: we have generated a publication about your company in Het Parool, the fact that the newspaper is talking about you gives it extra value and credibility.
  • SHARED: Het Parool published the article on its own social media channels and its followers like and share it. Some stakeholders will share the message on their personal channels by copying it.
  • OWNED: we post the article on your own blog and social media channels.
  • PAID: to reach an even wider audience, we use the advertising options of social media channels.

Another example:

  • OWNED: we write a blog post and post it on your own social media channels.
  • PAID: to increase exposure, we give it a boost by advertising on social media.
  • SHARED: the post is seen by the right people and is shared because of its interesting message.
  • EARNED: we use the post to pitch an interview with a trade magazine, an article following this conversation will be published.

Summarizing: one message can be used in many different ways by adapting it to the communication channel and the target audience.